Install on Chrome for any OS using Google Admin console

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This article covers the process to force-install the Pendo Launcher extension on the Chrome web browser on any computer using the Google Admin console, which involves pushing the extension to all target users, and then validating that the installation was successful.

The installation process doesn’t identify the visitors (end-users) or include metadata about them. Pair this installation with a follow-up configuration to identify visitors to Pendo. You can find a list of these options in the IT guide to deploying the Pendo Launcher.

For complete documentation on using the Admin console to install extensions, see Google’s article: Automatically install apps and extensions.


This installation method isn't compatible with the registry key or configuration profile method of extension installation, even for other non-Pendo extensions. If you already use a different method for managing Chrome extensions, you must use that method for the Pendo Launcher as well.

Before you continue, we recommend that you read our Plan your Adopt installation and IT guide to deploying the Pendo Launcher articles.

Step 1. Push the extension

We recommend gradually rolling out the installation, beginning with a device you have physical access to. Once you've installed on a single device, you can follow the instructions in Step 2 to validate a successful installation. You can then increase the installation target group to include the entire organization.

  1. Open your Google Admin console at
  2. Go to Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions > Users & browsers.
  3. Choose target users for the extension.
    • To force-install for a subset of end-users, select Groups and then choose the appropriate group to apply the settings to.
    • To force-install for all users and enrolled browsers, leave the top organizational unit selected.
  4. Add the Pendo Launcher extension. Hover over the plus (+) icon in the bottom-right corner and select Add Chrome app or extension by ID.
  5. In the window that opens, copy and paste the following ID: epnhoepnmfjdbjjfanpjklemanhkjgil and then select Save.

  6. From the extension list, select the newly added Pendo Launcher extension.
  7. Under the installation policy, choose one of the following two options Force Install + Pin (recommended) or Force Install. Both options install the extension on all target browsers and don't allow the extension to be removed by the end-user. Force Install + Pin additionally ensures that the extension icon is always visible in the browser toolbar.
  8. Select Save.

Step 2. Validate the installation

We recommend gradual roll out of the Pendo Launcher extension, starting with a device that you have physical access to.

To validate the installation, confirm that the target user has the extension forced-installed when logged in to Chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome on any device.
  2. Ensure that you're signed in to Chrome as a targeted user.
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions by copying and pasting the exact text into your URL bar.
  4. Confirm that the Pendo Launcher extension is listed, and that it can't be removed or disabled.