Create guides using AI

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You can use AI to generate and build guide components in Adopt Studio. We use Large Language Modeling (LLM) and Generative AI to build a guide that you can edit for tone, accuracy, and completeness. The AI functionality uses your guide name and associated app as prompts, along with other information you provide, including:

  • The maximum number of steps in your guide.
  • The goal or purpose of the guide.
  • The tone of the guide.

Build a guide with Pendo AI

To use this feature, select Build with Pendo AI while creating a guide. For full guidance on how to create a guide, see our Create a guide instructions.

  1. Start creating a guide. Enter a meaningful name, select an app, and enter the relevant URL.
  2. Select Build with Pendo AI.
  3. In the first field, enter the maximum number of steps for your guide.
  4. In the second field, enter the goal or purpose of your guide.
  5. Use the dropdown menu to choose a tone: professional, direct, expert, friendly, conversational, or casual.
  6. Select Auto Generate Guide

This results in a suggested guide, including a preview, for you to review and edit.

Review and edit AI-generated content

In the resulting suggested guide content, you can:

  • Reorder steps by dragging and dropping steps further up or down the list.
  • Use the dropdown menu next to each step under the Layout column to switch between tooltip or lightbox.
  • Edit the content of a step. Select the text of a step under the Content column to start editing it.
  • Add another step. Select the empty text box below your AI-generated guide steps and enter content for another step.
  • Regenerate content for a step. Hover over the step row and select the Regenerate (wand) icon.
  • Delete a step. Hover over the step row and select the Delete (trash) icon.

During the review process, you can regenerate the AI content of a step based on the selected tone. Hover over the step row and select the Regenerate (wand) icon. You can't revert back to the previous wording.

If you want to change the tone of a step, choose a different tone from the dropdown menu you used for creating the AI-generated guide, and then select the Regenerate (wand) icon for that step.

Edit guide behavior

 After reviewing and editing the AI-generated content, select Launch Adopt Studio. Here, you can then edit the guide behavior, including guide Anchoring and Buttons. For a full overview of step settings you can edit, see the Guide Designer: Adopt Studio article. 

Select Save and then Exit when you're done. This takes you to the guide's details page in Pendo where you can Manage your guide.


To attach a tooltip step to an element in your UI, hover over the relevant step in Adopt Studio and open selection mode. Choose between Tagged Feature and Anchor as described in the Guide Designer: Adopt Studio article.


In a multi-step guide, all buttons except the last button default to Next and are configured to move the user on to the next step. The button in the last step defaults to Done, even if you add additional steps to the guide. This means that the guide buttons update to ensure that only the last button is labeled as Done by default. For more information about guide buttons and available button functionality, see Guide button actions.

To add or edit step buttons, hover over the relevant step in Adopt Studio select the Edit step icon. Follow the instruction in Guide Designer: Adopt Studio to add or edit buttons.

Manage your guide

When you're done editing your guide's behavior, select Save and then Exit when you're done. This takes you to the guide's details page in Pendo where you can manage your guide, including the following:

  • Preview your guide.
  • Choose your activation method.
  • Apply a segment for your guide.
  • Schedule the guide.
  • Move the guide from draft status to staging or published.

You can go back and edit you guide by selecting Manage in my app from this details page.