Demoing The Pendo Launcher

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Previously, if you wanted to demo the Pendo Launcher you may have needed to involve your IT team. However, as long as you have access to your account's individual extension key (which your Pendo representative should have already set up for you), this process will enable you to get up and running with a demo version of the Pendo Launcher within minutes. 

Note: If you choose to manually install the Pendo Launcher, the “Show Debug Info” option will not appear when you're on a Chrome system tab (e.g.: chrome://settings, chrome://newtab).

Steps To Demo The Pendo Launcher

1) Download the Pendo Launcher via Chrome Web Store

2) Click the Pendo Launcher and then "Show Debug Info"

3) Click Show Configuration Information

4) Paste Demo API key 

5) Click Re-fresh extension settings

Download the Pendo Launcher 

1) Download it via the Chrome Web Store here. The download page should look identical to the one below:


2. Pin the extension to your toolbar.


Click Show Debug Info

1. If you're on a Mac, hold down Control(^) + click. Show Debug Info is the second row available.


Click Show Configuration Information

The Pendo Launcher will identify you as your email. 


Paste Demo API Key 

1. Paste the API Key into the Demo Extension API Key field.


Tip: The Demo API Key can be accessed by navigating Settings > Subscription. The multi-character API key can be found in the API Key tile.


Click Re-Fetch Extension Settings

By default the extension updates its configuration on a 2 hour basis. If you would like to begin tracking behavior on an application immediately, clicking Re-fetch extension setting will enable you to bypass the 2 hour window.


The Pendo Launcher will only begin collecting information after you've added an extension application.