Guide Metrics Overview

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After your guide has been published, you may want to see how it is performing. The Metrics tab gives you a detailed, at-a-glance view of how users are interacting with a specific Guide. You can see the views of your guide, time spent on guide, and the guide activity.


At the top of the Guide Metrics tab are two filters: one is for segmenting users by date range, and the other is for segmenting users by browser or time.


Guide Views


The Guide View chart highlights the key metrics for analyzing Guide reach and consumption. Guide eligibility is based on the guide’s "Targeted Segment". The "Targeted" number is the total number of visitors eligible to see the guide based on the guide’s "Targeted Segment". 

For each time period, the chart shows the total number of views or visitors broken down by first-time and repeat views. Hovering over a block in the bar chart will give you more detail about the number of guide views for that particular time period. 

  • First Time Views (1) - The first time the Guide is displayed to a Visitor

  • Total Views (2) - First time and repeat views (a Guide will continue to display until it is dismissed even if it can't be manually activated)

  • Visitor Ratio (3) - The number of Visitors who have seen the Guide out of the total number of eligible Visitors in the Guide's target Segment (eligible Visitors can be filtered further with the Segment filter)

  • Guide Targeting (4) - The number of visitors who have been targeted.

  • First Time Views/Repeat Views (5) - The black bars represents first time views and when they occurred. The teal bar represents days when the guide was viewed multiple times.


The date range defaults to Daily, but can be changed to Weekly. The views filter defaults to Views but can be changed to Visitors.



Time on Guide

The Time on Guide chart shows the average time that users spend on the guide. Hover over each bar shows the number of views for that time increment. Average time calculations exclude outliers that exceed the average time on Guide by more than 10 minutes.


Guide ElementsGuideMetricsElements.png

The Guide Elements table shows the usage of building block elements in the guide. The table includes the name of the element, type, button actionnumber of clicks, and percentage of clicks per step. For a multistep guide, toggle if elements are grouped by step or shown in a single list view.

Deleted elements are elements that Pendo has usage data for but are not present in the current version of the guide. They can be toggled on and off to see the complete history of guide element usage. The deleted element may display as Unknown if the deleted element was on an older version of the Pendo agent or text collection is disabled for the subscription and the element name cannot be identified.

Guide Activity

The bottom of the page provides detailed information on Guide activity. 


For the defined segment and time period, the report summarizes:

  • The number of steps seen

  • The time spent viewing the Guide

  • The status of the Guide

    • Displayed: This means the Guide was presented to the visitor. They did not take any action to advance (walkthroughs only) or dismiss the Guide. If the Guide is set to display automatically, it will be presented to them again.

    • Closed: This means the Guide was presented to the visitor. The visitor selected to dismiss the Guide by clicking on the “X” icon. Automatic Guides will not be shown to the visitor again.

    • Action Taken: This refers to any advance on a Guide that isn’t a walkthrough. Actions taken will include events from buttons that have pendo.onGuideAdvanced logic tied to them. A single step poll is an example of this: if the user submits the poll, Pendo will display "Action Taken."

    • Advanced: This is specific to walkthroughs and refers to when a Guide was presented to the visitor and a transition event was recorded. This means that the visitor saw the current step then advanced the Guide to the next step without dismissing it. Automatic Guides may be shown to the visitor again if they don’t ultimately dismiss or complete the walkthrough. The visitor will see the last seen step in the guide for 10 minutes from the last advance. After a 10-minute timeout, the visitor will see the first step in the walkthrough.

    • Completed: This is also specific to walkthroughs and indicates that the visitor has fully progressed through all of the steps without dismissing the Guide.
  • The date the Guide was last seen

Download CSV of Guide Activity

Clicking the download icon in the top right corner of the chart will download a .csv version of the Guide Activity report.


Change Columns

Clicking the book icon mceclip2.png to the right of the download icon will allow you to reorder the columns or add new ones.