Onboarding Module

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The Onboarding module contains Guides specific to the onboarding process, and it can be customized just like the Guides List module. The progress bar at the bottom of the module will update each time a guide is completed. The progress bar is unique to the Onboarding module.

The Onboarding module provides employees with a prescriptive list of tasks that are necessary to complete as they familiarize themselves with an application. It can be used to educate users about the key features they need to learn. Embedded guides then prompt them through the actual processes they perform in the application. Applying a segment to the Module will ensure that the Onboarding guides only reach the users it’s relevant to.


Add the Onboarding module

  • Choose the “Onboarding” module (1) and click on “Add Modules (2).


Module Details Page

For the Onboarding Module, you will see the following options:

  1. Name - Sub-header employees will see in the Module of the Resource Center. This is editable.

  2. Trash can - Delete your module.

  3. Content - See and manage any existing guides in the Module.

  4. Segment - Make your module visible to a specific group of users.


Adding Onboarding Guides

1. Click on the “Edit” button in the Content section.

2. Choose existing guides you want to include in the Onboarding module.


Note: Selected Guides will immediately populate the Content section. 

Segmenting A Module

1. Click "Edit" (1) next to the Segment tile.


2. Select from a list of default segment options or select a custom segment you've already configured.


Note: Underneath the Segment header you can also see how many of your users are eligible to view the Onboarding module


Changing The Module's Sub-header

  • Hover over the text and click to begin editing.

    • Press enter to save your changes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Have A Module With No Content?

If you have a module with no content and push the updates to production, the module will not display to your end users.

Will The Module Display If The Guides Are On Draft?

No. Read more about whether or not a Resource Center will display here.