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The intent of this article is to troubleshoot common situations when a user should or should not receive an email and when to request support from Pendo.

Forgot Password

If an Adopt user has forgotten their password, clicking the "Forgot Password" link (1) on the login page will trigger a password recovery email only if the user's email address has logged in once before.


If the user has never accepted their original invite and logged in, a password recovery email will not trigger. Additionally, if the user was never created a password recovery email will not trigger.

Forgot Password emails timeout after 3 hours. The user must change their password within the 3 hour time window or they will have to begin the process again.

Note: If the user is a member of both a Pendo Engage subscription and a Pendo Adopt account, those login credentials are separate. Changing a password for Engage will not result in a password changed for Adopt and vice versa.

Invitation Emails

An invitation email will only be sent the first time a user is invited to a Pendo Adopt account. Once that user has accepted their initial invitation, subsequent invites to additional Pendo Adopt accounts will not result in an email. The new additional account(s) will appear for the user in their account switcher in the top right corner of the application.

Invitation emails timeout after 3 days. Adopt Admins will need to re-send the invitation if the user does not accept the invitation within the 3 day time window.

Tip: If inviting a new user to multiple accounts, make sure they've accepted the invitation to the first account before adding the user to other accounts. You can tell if a user has accepted an invitation when the paper airplane icon no longer appears next to their name on the Team Settings page.


If a user has not received an email or is unable to login, there are a few things to confirm before contacting support.

Blocking Email Sender

If an email hasn't arrived or hasn't been found in spam/junk filters, the email sender might be blocked. The following must be allowed in ordered to receive emails:


User Doesn't Exit

If a user was never created in the first place they would not get an email when trying to recover a password. Additionally, if the user's email was input incorrectly for their first invitation an email will not trigger.

Wrong "Forgot Password" Link Used

As mentioned in the note above, if an Adopt user is also a Pendo Core user, the two platforms are not connected. If a user forgets their password for Core, resetting will not result in a password change for Adopt and vice versa.

Contact Support

If the above scenarios have been confirmed and there is still an issue with a user accessing Pendo Adopt or not receiving emails, please contact your Pendo Representative.