Disabling an account

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As an Adopt Admin, you can request to have your account disabled. This will, however, impact your employees experience later on if you choose to re-enable your account.


  • Only Adopt Admins can request to have their account disabled. To do so, contact your Pendo representative.

Impact on disabled accounts

When an account is disabled, access is disabled to both the account and all of the applications in the subscription. Disabling an account's data and apps is dependent on whether or not an account is re-enabled before or after 90 days. When an app is disabled, Adopt will stop recording events and serving guides.

Before 90 days:

  • The account will still have access to old events and visitors, but there will be a gap in events for the period of time they were disabled.

  • The account will have access to their old guides, custom pages, and most created entities.

  • The users that used to have access to this account will stall have access to this account.

After 90 days:

  • The account will lose all old events and visitors.

  • If an account is re-enabled within 90 days of it being disabled, then there will be a gap in data from when it was disabled to when it was re-enabled.

  • The account will lose all old custom pages, guides, etc.

  • All users will lose access to this account.

  • All the application's IDs will change.