Roles and Permissions in Adopt

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Adopt roles and permissions control which features internal users can access in Adopt. This article summarizes the user types and roles available in Adopt, how to invite users, and how to add or edit user roles.

User types and roles

There are two user types in Pendo Adopt: 

  • Administrator. Admins have full access to the Adopt account, including its features, users, settings, metadata, and integrations. They can also invite new users, change the role of a user, and remove users.
  • User. All users have Viewer role access to the Adopt account and can’t be unassigned. This means that all users, as well as admins, can view metrics, create segments, and create reports. You can’t limit data visibility.

If you choose the User type, you're then prompted to choose app-level roles (ViewerAnalystGuide Creator, and so on), which define specific sets of permissions. Admin users are granted all permissions, and so you don't select app-level roles for this user type.

You can add more than one user role to a User to give them the right permissions. For example, if you give the same user two roles, one of which has permission to create a guide and the other doesn’t, the user is still granted the ability to create guides. 

The following table lists the available permissions for different user roles. Administrators have all of the listed permissions and are included in the final column of the following table for comparison. The top headings are User roles, and the possible permissions associated with each role are listed on the left. None of these roles can manage guide themes or invite new users to Adopt, which are activities reserved for Admins

  Viewer Analyst Guide Creator Guide Publisher Guide Content Editor Resource Center Author Resource Center Publisher Admin
Create and edit guides     Yes         Yes
Publish and schedule guides       Yes       Yes
Delete draft and disabled guides     Yes Yes Yes     Yes
Create, edit, and delete Pages and Features   Yes Yes   Yes     Yes
Create Workflows, paths, and Segments Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create and edit the Resource Center           Yes   Yes
Promote the Resource Center to Production             Yes Yes
Disable or demote the Resource Center             Yes Yes
Manage guide themes (Admin-only)               Yes
Manage settings, including inviting users (Admin-only)               Yes


Note: The user permissions shown in the above table are relevant to new Pendo Adopt customers. Customers who joined prior to March, 2023 might see different User options.

Invite internal users

Only Pendo Admins can create new users by inviting them. To invite users:

  1. Go to Settings in the left-side navigation.
  2. Open the Users tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select + Invite User in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Enter the user details (name and email address).
  5. Choose the appropriate user role and permissions for the user. If choosing User Permissions, select the apps and user roles to assign the associated permissions to the user. 
  6. Select Invite User in the bottom-right of the form. Users then receive an email invitation to create an Adopt account.

Warning: Sometimes a "no-reply" email is automatically blocked or filtered to spam. Advise your IT team to allow the no-reply email address through filters. 

Assign user roles

Admins can assign and edit user roles and permissions when they create a new user or edit an existing user. Admins can’t edit their own roles.

Note: If a user hasn't accepted their invitation, their profile doesn’t show up in the Users list.

Roles are managed in Settings > Users, accessed from the left-side navigation. To get started, you can either:

  • Select an existing user from the Users table to edit the details and permissions.
  • Select + Invite User in the top-right of the page and add the appropriate permissions.

From here:

  1. Add or edit the user details as required.
  2. Choose the user type (Admin Permissions or User Permissions). If choosing User Permissions, select the apps and user roles to assign the associated permissions to the user. The Viewer role is always applied to Users, and can’t be removed.
  3. Select Save User or Invite User in the bottom-right of the form.

Remove a user

Only admins can remove a user. To remove a user, navigate to Settings > Users, accessed from the left-side navigation, hover over the user, and select the trash icon that appears on the right side of the user’s row in the table.