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After creating a Guide, you can configure its status, set up scheduling, and manage its activation settings via the Guide Settings tab. From the Guide Settings page you can also change a Guide's name, download the steps in the Guide as a PDF, and view the steps that are currently in the Guide. To access the Guide Settings tab, click on a Guide's name.

Change Guide's Name

You can change the name of the guide by hovering over the guide name (1). Underneath the guide name, you can see which user created the guide (2), and which user updated the guide (3).


Copy, Delete, Clear Data, and Preview Guide

From the Guide Settings page you can: Copy Guide, Clear Guide Data, Delete Guide, and Preview Guide. These buttons can be accessed via the three dot button above the "Manage in my app" button. 


Copy Guide

If the guide is copied correctly you'll see this message: mceclip2.png

You will then be redirected to the copied guide. 

Clear Guide Data

This will clear all data associated with the guide. If you click on it by accident, don't worry. You will need to confirm you'd like to delete the Guide's data by typing in clear-guide-data. Unless those words are typed, the "Clear Data" button won't be available.


Delete Guide

This will allow you to delete the guide. If you click this button by accident, the guide will not immediately be deleted. To complete the process of deleting a guide, click "Delete guide" on the modal.


Preview Guide

Previewing your guide will enable you to see the guide from your users perspective. Once you choose "Preview," enter your page URL and click on the "Launch Preview" button to see a live preview.


Scheduling Guide

A guide can be scheduled to appear either once or for a specified number of days. If a guide is scheduled to appear only once, it will not be accessible to the user until after they've seen it. The Custom Interval option allows you to set the amount of days you would like the guides to be visible for. The Start Date refers to the initial date when the guide will begin to be shown. The expiration date is when the guide will stop being shown.


Manage in my app

"Manage In App" buttons are located on each step of the guide. When you select "Manage In App," a new tab will launch to show you a preview of your app with the guide displayed.

2022-01-19_13-50-55__1_.gifThe button is also available in the far right corner of the Content section. 

Guide Status

The Guide Settings tab allows you to change the status of a guide. There are three guide statuses: Public, Disabled, and Draft. If a guide is Public, it is visible and accessible to your end users. If the guide is Disabled, it isn't visible to end user. There is no functional difference between Draft and Disabled, these categories, however, are useful for guide organization.



In the Segment tab you can select an existing user segment (1) to receive the guide, or you can create a Custom Segment. If you opt to create a Custom Segment (2), you will be redirected to the Segment tab. 


Download PDF

To download a PDF containing the steps in your guide, click the "Download PDF" button in the Content section.