Adopt FAQ

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This document provide answers to questions that aren't easily answered by existing Adopt help center documents. 

When configuring URLs for an Extension App - can you add a full URL with a wildcard e.g.* or can you only add hostnames?

Input the hostnames only and remember to assign explicit ~contains: rules to all pages. You should also make sure all your features are tagged against all those page rules.

Is the API for an Adopt customer the same/works the same as an Engage customer?


If the Resource Center is deployed by a third-party vendor on a customer's website, and a customer is deploying theirs through the Extension, will both work? Because the Extension one is sandboxed?

This isn’t something we support at the moment.

How can a customer delete/remove the Chrome Extension from a local machine after a mass deployment?

Managed device settings take priority over any local permissions - even if you’re an Administrator on a laptop, you cannot remove extensions that have been force installed through your management tools. You’d need to remove that user from the force install first.

If an existing Engage customer purchases Adopt DA, will they have access to both UI’s?

Both user interfaces share the same data - if I create a guide through the Engage UI, it will also show up in my guide list in Adopt.

Can you configure Click Event Properties in Adopt Studio?


I'm receiving an error after successfully installing the Chrome extension. Why is this the case?

It takes some time for the first events to come in and process in your Subscription. After an hour, refresh your page and see if events are coming in through the Raw Events tab.

Does Adopt support SAML?

Yes, Adopt currently supports SAML.

Does the Pendo Launcher include the ability to manually configure the demo extension API key by default? Does the MS Edge version also include this?

As long as the extension is NOT force-configured by IT, that demo field is available in both Chrome and Edge.

Is there a way to change the activation method for a guide in AS, or do I have to flip back to Engage?

Adopt Studio exclusively supports Automatic activation. Once you edit a guide in VDS (Engage) that guide is no longer supported in Adopt Studio for editing.

Do I need to reboot my machine in order for the Pendo extension to activate?

Nope, though in the case of OS X your IT department will need to have their script refresh plist files. More information on this process can be found here.