Adopt Studio Troubleshooting

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When you choose to create a Guide with Adopt Studio, a modal will appear asking you to enter the URL of the application you'd like to launch. The modal is shown in the screenshot below. You can then click "Launch Adopt Studio" and a new browser tab will launch your app with Adopt Studio in Target Mode.


Note: In Target Mode, your guide isn't displayed until you click to add or edit a step. If Adopt Studio fails to load, the following scenarios may help you before you reach out to support.

If New A Browser Tab Or Window Didn’t Launch

  • Confirm that a tab didn’t open in a different browser window.

  • Your browser (or plugin/extension) may have settings that prevent sites from opening a new tab or window. Please check and modify these browser settings.

If A New Tab Opens, But Your App Does Not Load

  • Make sure you put in the right URL for your application.

If A New Tab Opens & Your App Loads, But Adopt Studio Does Not Load

  • If the Tab opens and your application loads correctly, but Adopt Studio does not:

    • Ensure the extension is downloaded, updated, and enabled.

    • Application is enabled in the Settings/Subscriptions tab and has the “Integrated” label.mceclip0.png

    • Make sure the API key listed in the Extension Config section of your Configuration Information matches the API in your Settings -> Subscription section.mceclip1.png

    • For quick validation, the color of the Pendo Launcher tells you whether or not the extension is actively collecting data. If the Pendo Launcher icon is pink, it is active and is collecting data. If the Pendo Launcher icon is grey, it is inactive and is not collecting data.


  • If you are seeing a different url from the one you originally entered into the URL input after selecting Manage in App, then your application may have redirected to a different page (for example, from to, and in doing so, dropped the designer. 

    • If this is the case, try using the redirected url (eg: when you enter in the URL from, after clicking Manage in App.

Browser Local Storage

Adopt Studio launches by leveraging your browser’s local storage from your cookie settings. Please make sure to enable it in your browser settings.

Tip: For Chrome users, update your settings under your cookies settings to "Allow sites to save and read cookie data(chrome://settings/cookies)."

For example, if you use Chrome, the “Keep local storage” item should be turned to “off” for it to work correctly: