Cross App Guides Best Practices

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Best Practices for Cross-App Guides

It's not uncommon for employees to leverage several applications in order to complete their work. Cross-App guides help everyone adopt the same workflow by providing contextual in-app support across multiple applications.

When to use Cross-App Guides

Cross-App guides are recommended anytime a workflow requires multiple applications.

Sales teams in particular navigate multiple applications throughout the day in order to complete their work. While their end goal may be reaching out to prospects, the first sub-task in accomplishing their goal is adding leads into their CRM. To accomplish this step, they first need to visit a separate application and export a list of contacts. 

While an Adopt user can present the Sales representative with one guide on application A and another on application B, their metrics are siloed and disconnected. When it's time to analyze the impact of each guide, the Adopt user would need to view each guide’s metric individually. 

Cross-App guides solve this issue by allowing an Adopt user to link both guides together into a single guide with multiple guide steps. This enables the Adopt user to analyze the entirety of the guide and its steps, rather than the effectiveness of an individual guide. After all, it's not helpful if the Sales representative follows the first step of exporting the list, but then diverges from the process in the second step. Cross-App guides provide the metrics an Adopt user needs to understand if the entire guide was helpful, and which sub-guides may need to be tweaked or discarded all together.

Setting up a Cross-App Guide

Adopt’s Workflow’s feature allows you to analyze the various paths employees take within an application. This is valuable when you need to determine a workflow's "happy path", i.e the most effective path.

Before creating a Cross-App guide, run a Workflow’s report to understand the current paths that employees are taking to complete their work. You may discover that employees are taking different routes within their application to accomplish the same task. After reviewing their different behaviors, determine the most effective workflow. This will help you to create the individual guides involved in the workflow and guide employees through the ideal process.

Measuring the effectiveness of a Cross-App Guide

The Guide Metric’s page provides metrics on each individual application in the Cross-App guide. Other Digital Adoption applications do not provide this visualization capability, and instead require you to analyze each guide’s metrics separately in order to determine the effectiveness of a multi-application process. 

Once your Cross-App guide is deployed, you can begin to measure the impact of the guide via the Workflows tab. The Workflows tab will allow you to see how your organization’s behavior has changed over time by providing data on the workflow’s completion before and after the Cross-App guide’s deployment.

If the workflow’s completion increased since the guide’s deployment, you can determine which steps in the process have been adopted and which employees have changed their behavior. If the workflow’s completion has not improved, reconsider the guide’s content and reduce the amount of steps included in the guide.