Workflow segmentation

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This article provides instructions for how to segment by workflows and workflow attempts. The Workflows Visitor Completion bar chart separates visitors into three categories: Completed, Incomplete, and Not Started.

  • Not Started. Refers to visitors who are counted in the workflow but never used the Workflow Start Page or Feature.

  • Incomplete. Refers to visitors who used the Workflow Start Page or Feature but didn't end before maximum time between steps elapsed.

  • Completed. Refers to visitors who used the Workflow Start Page or Feature and the Workflow End Page or Feature within the time interval.

Workflow Attempts

Note: The Workflow Attempts chart is only available for Recurring Workflow.

Underneath the Visitor Completion chart is the Workflows Attempts chart. It shows progress week over week or month over month. Non-recurring workflows show Cumulative Progress over time and focus only on Visitor Completion rather than attempts. The non-recurring workflows chart shows cumulative progress and the recurring workflow chart shows actual completion metrics week over week (not cumulative).

Tip: If a Workflow is being attempted more times than you expected, it's possible that your Visitors are struggling with the Workflow. When the Workflow's Attempts are less than you expected, this could be for a variety of reasons, one of them being that your Visitors are unsure how to begin or finish the Workflow.

Visitors who didn't start the workflow are not included in these metrics. By viewing how many attempts are made at the workflow each week, you can gain an understanding of how often the Workflow is completed and how often visitors are succeeding at the Workflow. 


Visitors who complete a Workflow are labeled pink. Those that did not complete the Workflow are in blue. At first glance at the example above, it's not obvious that there is an increase in Workflow completion rate over time, as the amount of Completed visitors is consistent week over week. In fact, completion of the Workflow may even be going down over time. 

In this case, visitors might be encountering issues completing this Workflow. To help these visitors, Pendo recommends using the Paths feature to understand the path that successful visitors are taking within the application to complete the workflow. 

Once you've reviewed this path, and have a clear sense of what the ideal path is to complete the Workflow, you can place Incomplete Visitors into their own segment. These Visitors can then be shown a specific set of guides to help them get on track.

Tip: After deploying a guide targeting the Incomplete Visitors, Pendo recommends returning to the Workflow Attempts chart in order to gauge if the number of Completed Workflows has increased. If it has not increased, you may need to tweak the content of the guide and reconsider the guide's placement. 

Segment By Workflow 

Click the + Create Segment button located in the top right.


You are then redirected to the Segments page. The first filter, Product Usage, defaults to Workflow Progress. The second filter, Workflow Selection, allows you to select a Workflow from your list of existing Workflows defaults to the Workflow you last viewed. The third filter allows you to select from either the Completed or Incomplete/Not Started visitors.

  • Product Usage. This filter defaults to Workflow Progress when you select + Create Segment on a Workflow.

  • Workflow Selection. Select a Workflow from a drop down list of available Workflow.

  • Completed, Incomplete, or Not Started. Visitors who completed the Workflow are grouped into the Completed filter. Those who did not complete the Workflow, or never started it, are in the Incomplete or Not Started segment.


After the segment rules are configured, name your segment and save it. You can then navigate to the Guides tab and begin to craft a guide to display to the Incomplete or Not Started segment in an effort to help them complete the workflow.