License Utilization & Licenses Settings

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The License Utilization chart shows the number of employees using an application compared to the number of seats you are paying for. Additional utilization data shows more information, like the level of engagement and average time spent in the app. This allows you to see if you are getting the full value of your software subscription and make decisions about improving internal adoption or adjusting your vendor contracts.

The Licenses tab on the Settings page is pre-populated with the applications in your Adopt subscription. You must select the category and number of licenses available for each application. Add the number of licenses for each application either manually or via CSV upload.


Setting Category and Number of Licenses

Set categories

The categories field allows you to group your apps and understand how many apps you have in each category and how licenses are used. Select the appropriate category in the dropdown for each app.


Manually set numbers of licenses

The number of licenses is manually set in the Licenses tab in Settings. Click on the # of Licenses field to edit the number of licenses for an app and select the blue check mark to save. The value can be any number 0 or greater or "Not set" if an app does not limit access by the number of users.



Batch upload number of licenses with CSV Upload

Click the Upload CSV button located in the top right corner of the table.



After selecting this button, you receive a starter CSV file.mceclip1.png


The third column in the CSV file is the Licenses column. In this column, enter the number of licenses your organization has for the application.


After editing the CSV file, select the file and upload.


License Utilization Analytics

License Utilization Chart

The License Utilization chart is on the Analytics page. This chart shows the percentage of active visitors vs number of licenses used during the date range. Only applications with license data are displayed. Applications with license data are on the X-axis. The Y-axis shows the percentage of licenses utilized for the application.



Summary Table

The Summary table shows the data for all your applications, the number of visitors engaging with the application, and the percentage of licenses utilized. This table allows you to understand how licenses are being used across your tech stack.



  1. Application Name - The name of your application in Adopt. To change the Application Name, go to Settings > Subscription > View App Details > App Details > Display Name and double click the name.

  2. Category - The selected category for the application.

  3. Group - Changing the Summary by ____ to another metadata value then you get different values under the Group column. mceclip6.png

  4. Engagement - The Engagement bar is broken into 3 categories: Low, Medium, and High. Visitors who were active in the application for those then 50% of days in the selected are in the High category. Visitors who were active between 25-50% of days in the selected are in the Medium category. Visitors who were active less than 25% of the days in the selected range are in the Low category.

  5. Time Spent - Average amount of time spent in the application.

  6. Visitors - Amount of Visitors who accessed the application within the selected date range. A CSV of these visitors can be downloaded by clicking on the Visitors number.mceclip7.png

  7. Licenses - Amount of licenses available for the application. To modify this amount, go to Settings > Licenses.

  8. License Utilization - Shows a progress bar for the percentage of licenses to active visitors in that app. If the number of licenses is not set, this field is empty. When 100% of your licenses for the application are utilized, the progress bar is filled red. The progress bar is red if the number of licenses is set to 0.