Pendo Okta Connector Authorization

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Warning: The Pendo Okta Connector is expressly intended for use with the Pendo-built metadata upload workflow. Pendo only recommends use of this connector within the provided workflow template. Follow the instructions in the Using Okta Workflows for Metadata Sync article.

This process describes how you can leverage Okta Workflows to push visitors and their metadata into Pendo Adopt. For example, you can follow this process to push visitors to Pendo on a weekly basis.

Pendo recommends this approach, as Okta Workflows allows you to automatically update visitor metadata on a scheduled basis. 



  • Access to Pendo Adopt as an Admin.

  • Access to Okta Workflows as a Super Admin.

1) Navigate to the Connections tab in Okta. We're going to be setting up 2 Connection applications: one for Okta and one for the Pendo Launcher.

2) Click "+ New Connection" and select Pendo.


3) Name the connector as you see fit in the Connection Nickname field and follow Step 4 in order to generate your Integration Key


4) In Pendo Adopt, navigate to Settings > Integrations and click Generate Integration Key and check Allow Write Access. Once the integration key is created, Return to Okta Workflows and copy and paste this value into the Integration Key field then click Create.mceclip9__1_.png

Note: The Pendo application will have a green check mark indicating the connection to the application is working.mceclip4__2_.png

Action Card

Push Okta User List With Metadata

Given a list of Okta User objects, sets metadata values for users based on selected IDs and optionally creates users if they do not exist


  • Visitor ID Key

  • Create Non-Existing Users


Field Description Type Required
Visitor ID Key Key used to identify your visitors in Pendo.  Text Yes
Create non-existing users Create a new visitor record when an incoming Okta user does not exist in Pendo. Boolean (Yes/No) Yes
User List A list of users to be uploaded to Pendo Array of JSON keys. Each field is then sent to Pendo. Yes
Value Keys Identify values from the User List object to push into Pendo. List of string (could be empty) Yes (array of string could be empty)


Field Description
statusCode HTTP error code. If the statusCode is 200, the request was successful. All other values indicate failure.
message Whether the request was successful or failed.
recordsProcessed Total number of rows which were sent for processing.
usersUpdated Total number of rows which were successfully processed.
usersFailed Total number of rows which were not processed.
usersMissing Array of user IDs that were not found in Pendo. This field will only be populated if you choose the option No for the "Create Non-Existent Users" field.